Claims Services

The Claims Services are messages designed to manage and coordinate coverage for all claims resulting from a single accident, relating all the information to one electronic high level claim folder. 

Use Case

Overview Pre-Conditions, Triggers, Outcome, Industry Benefits of using Claims Services.

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Detailed flowcharts that represent the Claims workflows in the Collision Industry.

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Data Dictionary

Definitions of all related data elements and a comprehensive description of the standards usage.

(Reference Section 16)

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Code List

Comprehensive list of all industry standard codes for use in collision industry API and webservices

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Claim Save Request

The Claim Save Request message can be used to create or update a Claim.  Such a Claim may be the parent of an entire collection of related exposures. 

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Claim Save Response

This message can be used as a generic response indicating the message was received and was able to be parsed.  The message may have flowed through Data Intermediaries

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