Title Use Case


The Title Services are used to exchange messages between the salvage provider (e.g., insurance company, fleet company) and a Lienholder to release the lien on a vehicle's title.


  • Salvage Provider: Any entity that routinely takes or maintains ownership of total loss or theft-recovered vehicles.  This includes insurance companies, rental car companies, fleet management companies, etc.

  • Data Recipients:  Any entity which receives or utilizes title related data.  Data Recipients include law enforcement, National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB), Insurance Services Organization (ISO), state departments of motor vehicles (DMVs), National Motor Vehicle Title Information System (NMVTIS).

  • Information Provider: Any entity whose business includes any combination of doing business as a Software Provider and/or a Service Provider that develops and/or maintains applications and/or services related to title processing, and/or data collection and/or consolidation. 

  • Salvage Buyers: Any entity which purchases a salvage vehicle through a Salvage Vendor or directly from a Salvage Provider.  (e.g., auto part recyclers/dismantlers, rebuilders, repair facilities, dealers, scrap buyers, private individuals)

  • Salvage Vendors/Salvors: Any entity responsible for the disposal of total loss or theft-recovered vehicles on behalf of a Salvage Provider.  (e.g., salvage pools, auction companies, online auction companies) 

  • Vehicle Owners: Any person or entity that has possession and holds title to a vehicle. 

  • Electronic Document/Signature Companies: Any entity which provides either the generation, acquisition and/or processing of electronic documents and/or signatures.

  • Title Warehousing Companies: Any entity which holds title on behalf of a lienholder or fleet company.

  • Title Clearinghouse Companies/ Third Party Administrator: Any entity which receives, sends, or processes title work on behalf of any party, such as a Salvage Provider.  This is an outsource processing center.

  • Lienholders: Any entity which provides either lending or leasing services for the acquisition of vehicles, and has a financial interest in the vehicle.

  • DMV Interface Companies: Any entity which provides a front end software interface to a DMV system. (e.g., Electronic Lien Providers, Electronic Registration Providers, Inquiry Aggregators)

  • Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV): State organizations that process and control titling in their respective state.

  • Vehicle Resale Providers: Any entity that routinely takes or maintains ownership of vehicles.  This includes insurance companies, rental car companies, fleet management companies, whole car auctions, and anyone requesting lien releases.

Business Segments

  • Request Lien Release Information for Payoff

  • Identify Processing Issues and Errors

  • Provide Information to Correct Errors and Resolve Issues

  • Request and Respond for Additional Information

  • Provide Payoff and Payment Information 

What are the Industry Benefits for Using Title Services?

  • Establishment of an accurate and efficient industry standard - by and for industry participants - to be used in the creation and industry standard implementation of electronic messaging for title processing.
  • XML electronic messages provide capability and flexibility for smaller-scale organizations and applications.
  • Facilitates the integration of title related messages exchange.
  • Eliminates redundant data entry and other manual processes which allows for improved integration of title processing information across applications.
  • Management of the standard by CIECA streamlines development, approval, revision, enhancement and publication.
  • Establishes a base for future work in the Salvage Disposition and Title Processing industries
  • Improved timeliness for DMV Title Processing
  • Improves timeliness for Lienholder Releases
  • Improves the efficiency for customer contact regarding electronic signatures on titles or power of attorney documents
  • Creates efficiencies in title process and improves cycle time for all vehicle sales and total loss and theft claims
  • Cost savings in manpower in all organizations
  • Enable parties to reduce cycle repair time by increased accuracy and quality title process to remove liens help by lienholders, gain owner transfer approval (POA)
  • Reduce cycle time for salvage vehicles

What Triggers the need for using Title Services?

Title Purchaser Request for payoff amounts, request Guarantee of title, and request confirmation of Vehicle Owner to Lienholder.


Title Purchaser send Lien Release Payment to Lienholder


Lienholder sends Lienholder Payoff Confirmation


Lienholder sends release confirmation and notification to the Title Purchaser


Before using Title Services, please review implementation guides between business partners for security and privacy.


Title Services through the request of payoff, guarantee of title through Lien Release and Payoff

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Title is transferred to appropriate party.


Title Solutions Available in CIECA

Lien Holder Title Add

Request for payoff amounts, Request Guarantee of title, and Request Confirmation of Vehicle Owner

​Lien Holder Payoff Confirmation Add

Payoff amount provided, response to guarantee provided, confirmation of Vehicle Owner provided.

​Lien Release Payment Add

The message includes the payment amount, a note indicating who is to receive the title and where it is to be delivered.

​Lien Release Confirmation and Notification Add

This message includes a confirmation of payment, the lien release confirmation, and confirmation of address for title delivery.

Title Response

A generic response indicating the message was received and was able to be parsed.  The message may have flowed through Data Intermediaries.