Survey Use Case


The Survey services are used for Customer Survey lists to determine CSI (Customer Satisfaction Indexes).


  • Actor: Description.

  • Actor:  Description. 

  • Information Technology Companies: Any entity whose business includes any combination of doing business as a Software Provider and/or a Service Provider; that develops and/or maintains applications and/or services related to disposition processing, and/or salvage data aggregation. 

  • Third Party Administrators:  Any entity that represents the salvage provider in the processing and/or settlement of the vehicle sale.

  • Data Recipients:  Any entity which receives or utilizes salvage vehicle data.  Data Recipients include law enforcement, National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB), Insurance Services Organization (ISO), state departments of motor vehicles (DMVs), National Motor Vehicle Title Information Services (NMVTIS), etc.Actor

Business Segments

  • Survey Request and Reports for (Estimates, Repair Orders, Glass Repair or Replacement, Rental, Towing, Property Damage (Glass) and other Survey Types).

What are the Industry Benefits for Using Survey Services?

  • Establishment of an accurate and efficient industry standard - by and for industry participants - to be used in the creation and industry standard implementation of electronic messaging for <detail>.

  • XML electronic messages provide capability and flexibility for smaller-scale organizations and applications.

  • Facilitates the integration of disposition messages exchange.

  • Eliminates redundant data entry and other manual processes which allows for improved integration of <detail>.

  • Management of the standard by CIECA streamlines development, approval, revision, enhancement and publication.

  • Processing efficiency:

    • Eliminates need to phone or fax <detail>.

    • Eliminates need to re-key <detail>.

  • Reduced operating cost by automating manual tasks.

  • Improved accuracy, reporting and <detail>.

What Triggers the need for using Survey Services?

Vehicle is declared a total loss through the sale or disposal of the totaled vehicle


Non-Totaled vehicles (e.g., charity vehicles, damaged non-total loss vehicle)


Before using Survey Services, please review implementation guides between business partners for security and privacy.


 Total Loss Vehicle process through sale, disposal

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Vehicle is either sold or donated or disposed.


Survey Solutions Available in CIECA

Survey Customer List Add
​Survey Report Add

The Survey Report Add Request message is to provide the list of customers that were surveyed and potentially those that were not surveyed or the survey has not yet been completed.  The list is sent from Survey Provider (the company to conduct the survey) to the Sample Sources (e.g., Insurance Company), and may flow through Data Intermediaries. 

Survey Response

This message can be used as a generic response indicating the message was received and was able to be parsed.  This message is in response to the list of customers to be surveyed.  The list was sent from the Sample Sources to the Sample Provider, and may have flowed through Data Intermediaries.