FNOL Business Use Case


The First Notice of Loss (FNOL) Service is to provide the business partners the ability to notify and be notified of accident information. These services will enable the notification of an accident through the claim initiation or loss denial of coverage.


  • Insurance Companies:  Property and Casualty insurers in one or multiple lines of business who acts on behalf of their policy holder and impacted parties for the reporting of the loss
  • Insurance Agents:  Property and Casualty insurance agents who work with one or multiple insurance companies in one or multiple lines of business.  These agents act on behalf of the policy holder and impacted parties for the reporting of the loss.  This includes both captive and independent agents.
  • Repair Facilities: Any company whose business concern is to repair damaged vehicles
  • Fleet Companies: Fleet companies (including rental, etc.) and their representatives involved in providing first notice of loss reporting for their companies or client companies.
  • Other Entities: Other parties as predetermined prior to the accident, that could include driver/owner, emergency services, tow companies, family members, and others.
  • Information Technology Providers: Any entity that develops and/or maintains software applications or services related to the delivery of accident information to initiate the loss intake process. (e.g., including OnStar)
  • Third Party Administrators: TPA, the companies whose main business is to administer the claim process life cycle for insurance carriers and repair facilities.
  • OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer): These are the originators of all necessary proprietary technical information, establishing calibration procedures and documentation. Certification, Warranty and other programs may include required communication

Business Segments

  • Notice of FNOL

  • Insurance Claim

  • Rental Assignment

  • Reporting of loss and providing updates (e.g., Vehicle, Boats, Property Damage)

  •  Request for additional information

  • Gather Information and Confirm or Deny Approval

  • Communicate Disapproval or Approval Message (No Message, Personal Contact)

What are the Industry Benefits for Using FNOL Services?

  • The FNOL Services may be used by the Collision Industry to send and/or receive FNOL related message requests and responses.  

  • These messages are sent either as a specific message or in bulk with multiple messages, however, it is envisioned the initial FNOL Report message would be for a single event.  

  • The saved information may also be used for the creation of data reports; and for the management of the FNOL process. 

  • In the end of the FNOL process will be denial of the coverage for the accident or passing on information to settle the claim, normally an assignment.

What Triggers the need for using FNOL Services?

Accident occurs that creates physical damage to a vehicle


Before using FNOL Services, please review implementation guides between business partners for security and privacy.


Insured/Claimant/Vehicle will communicate that an accident as occurred to Third Party Vendor/Fleet/Insurer 

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Data from the accident is captured and shared to the appropriate industry segments. 


FNOL Solutions available with CIECA

First Notice Of Loss Report Add 

This message can be sent from an agent, third party administrator, a person, or from the vehicle or other automated devices to report and accident or event.

First Notice of Loss Change

The FNOL report Change Request is a request for more information from the TPA or Agent, or is a response to the request for more information.

First Notice of Loss Response

This message is used by the receiver of the request message, to confirm receipt.