• Who/What is CIECA?
    CIECA is the Collision Industry Electronic Commerce Association. CIECA was incorporated in 1994. CIECA is composed of members from all industry segments: Through member-run committees, CIECA develops industry standards, assists in developing national standards, and provides implementation support, guidelines for electronic commerce. For more history and information, please view a short video about CIECA.
  • Who can join CIECA?
    Membership is open to all companies, such as, Insurance companies, Insurance agents, Independent Insurance Adjustors, Collision Repair facilities, Auto Glass Replacement and Repair facilities, Parts and Materials Providers, Car Rental companies, Towing companies, Information and System providers, Salvage and Recycled Parts providers, Subrogation providers, Property Information providers, incorporated industry associations, and other related organizations, that provide products and services to the Collision Repair industry.
  • Why do Companies join CIECA?
    Companies join CIECA for many and different reasons.

    Foremost, all companies join CIECA for the professional networking opportunities. "CIECA members tend to do more business with other CIECA members." CIECA members know that other CIECA members have the expertise and capability to implement data exchanges quickly and efficiently, thereby, reducing time and costs.

    For systems and Information providers, they join CIECA to gain access to the CIECA standards. They implement the CIECA standards in their products and services to provide the industry with ease of data exchange and incresed efficiency.

    For Repairers, Car Rental companies, Salvage providers, Parts and Materials Suppliers, Insurance companies, Subrogation providers, Independent Appraisers/Adjustors, and Glass Repair/Replacement providers, CIECA membership affords them, not only, the use of the CIECA standards, but also, a voice in the development of the standards to ensure that their company's requirements are met, now and in the future.

    For more information, visit Members Benefits Matrix and Why become a CIECA Member.

  • Why did CIECA develop the BMS?
    As e-commerce has become a bigger part of our daily lives, the data flow between trading partners has expanded wider and deeper into the repair process.  Data that was once exchanged between only the body shop and insurance company is now shared with a number of companies providing a wide range of services in the collision process. Everyone understands that in order to do e-commerce, you must exchange data… but do we need to share all the data on every transaction?
    For more information, Read More.
  • What is the BMS?
    BMS is an acronym for Business Message Suite. The BMS is CIECA's comprehensive set of electronic communication standards for the Collision Industry.
    The CIECA BMS is used for the exchange of collision industry messages and data across multiple organizations and networks.  The CIECA BMS is extensible and designed for future growth. The BMS provides the data security required for today’s business environment. It allows organizations to transmit only the data required for the application (for example, repair status) without transmitting “un-needed data.”
    For more information, please download Understanding the BMS?

  • What is the EMS?
    The CIECA Estimate Management Standard (EMS), first introduced in 1994, is CIECA's Legacy Standard.
    This standard is still in use in the industry; however, it has been superseded by the BMS (Business Message Specification). No enhancements have been made to the EMS since 2002.
    For more information, visit: What is the EMS?