Annual Awards

CIECA Annual Awards Program            
The success of CIECA projects is dependent upon outstanding efforts of individuals dedicated to that success. The BoardofTrustees based on predetermined criteria and approval grants awards for outstanding contribution or service.
 Award Criteria
There are three distinct traits that warrant a CIECA Board of Trustees Award:
  1. Outstanding Leadership within the CIECA organization structure that results in outstanding success in the definition and/or the achievement of CIECA’s mission, objectives and goals.
  2. Outstanding Contribution through personal orcorporate efforts to the achievement of the CIECA mission, objectives and goals.
  3. Outstanding Dedication to the facilitation of Electronic Commerce within the Collision Repair Industry.
All members, supporters, or contributors to CIECA and its activities are eligible to receive a Board of Trustees Award.
Award Types
Company Electronic Commerce Award:
A maximum of one company per year may be (not mandatory) recognized for outstanding Leadership, Contribution, or Dedication.
Outstanding Achievement Awards:
An unlimited number of awards may be given annually to individual volunteers or volunteer groups that have provided outstanding Leadership, Contribution, or Dedication.
Recipient  Selection        NOMINATE NOW !!!
On an annual basis, CIECA staff will circulate nomination forms and explanation of the awards and criteria among the active members of the SDCs, Board and Board Committees,
The Nominating Committee will review the nominations and make recommendations to the Board ofTrustees as to deserving recipients.