BMS Migration Plan

  • Not all products will be changed and/or upgraded at once. There are too many products, too many installations, too many different suppliers for this to occur concurrently.
  • Products/Services will need to produce both EMS and BMS for a period of time.
  • Every product/application system in use within the collision industry will be effected: for example, estimating system, body shop management system, insurance claims system, imaging system, status reporting system, scheduling system, inventory system, parts procurement system, and distribution system.
  • Expectations of the data are:
    • Will not improve overnight
    • Will improve at the rate at which the application functions change/improve
    • Implementing the BMS is only part of the solution. The BMS provides the capability for the exchange of more information, in most cases, and only the required information in other cases
    • Application systems take this capability and make it a reality
    • Over time the manual keying will be reduced and then eliminated
Download pdf of the slides from the video