2016 CIECA Annual Award Winners

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Allstate Insurance, Electronic Commerce Company of the Year

Andy Bober, Performance Gateways, Outstanding Contribution
Rick Glusick, State Farm Insurance, Outstanding Contribution

Kathy Goddard, Safelite Solutions, Outstanding Dedication

Clint Marlow, Allstate Insurance, Outstanding Leadership

Industry Segment Videos

Industry specific segment videos are now available at: CIECA Industry Videos

EMS to BMS Mappings

CIECA has created a tool for all members to use that will greatly reduce the effort to migrate from the legacy EMS to the technologically current BMS (Business Message Suite). Visit

Revised Policy Manual

At the July 21 Board Meeting, the Board voted on revisions to the Policy Manual. The revised Policy manual can be found at Policy Manual. You must be logged in to view.

2015 Annual Awards

Nominations are now open for the 2015 Annual CIECA Awards. Review the program and nominate the person(s) and/or company most deserving: Nominate Now

BMS Downloads

CIECA has created a new page for BMS downloads. The page contains the BMS Release packages and the Implementation Guides by Service. To view the new download page, visit this page. You will need to be logged in to download the files.

Faces of CIECA

We have a new video available to you. Learn who are the people that make things happen at CIECA and how they do it. Click here to view the video.

Role of CIECA in the Collision Industry

CIECA plays a vital role in the Collision Industry by developing IT standards, codes, and best practices that make it possible for the Collision Industry to save money.

To most of the industry, developing electronic data exchange standards and codes is not exciting work. Most would equate it to watching paint dry. To those that volunteer their time at CIECA, the work is rewarding and beneficial to the entire industry. As a direct result of CIECA.....

What can you do with the BMS?

While this may seem like an easy question to answer, the answer is a long one. The BMS currently contains 146 messages each of which performs a different data exchange for a specific business function. The 146 messages address data exchanges between companies to improve the work-flow between and within companies. More messages are added to the BMS with each new Release.